A little puppy love…

On June 2 last year, John and I agreed to help RASP (Rescue A Shar Pei) a statewide organization based around Chicagoland and pull a black female Pei from Joliet Animal Control. Before we went […]

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Mexico Gallery Done!!

  Mexico Gallery Online now!!   The quick Mexico getaway is now a faint memory from February… but here are a few images from the trip now available for purchase in print format. Check them […]

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New Uganda Gallery Posted!!

  Finally got the final Uganda gallery up and posted online…   You can check it out here                 Also, in case you missed it before, you can also […]

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A Free Camera?!?

 SnapKnot has a great giveaway right now where you are eligible to win a new Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III. These are both amazing cameras and SnapKnot is handing them over free!! You can enter […]

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A Quick Mexican Getaway!!

Early last year, I had won a set of free tickets on American to any destination in the US, Canada, Caribbean or Mexico… as the new year happened upon us, I pulled out the voucher […]

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